How it Works?

Our Drop-ship Platform is designed to support retailers sell on their website and in their store. Minimum purchase required $1,000.00. The orders can be placed in the wholesale section of Yekimwholesale.com with the choice of any style, color and size.
A $1,000 buy is considered a brand presentation for touch and feel.
The remaining colors and sizes on the styles purchased by each retailer will be shelved under their company name in our warehouse for a 3-month time period and adding inventory to the BESTSELLERS consecutively.
Our REALTIME inventory system will update retailers website based on sales activity. Suggested platform for integration are Shopify and Wordpress.
We provide high resolution images and product information digitally for upload. Along with social media support, Instagram, Facebook, You Tube channel, Celebrity involvement, Google Shopping and Twitter.


Cost of Goods

As a retailer you pay wholesale prices shown in wholesale section of YEKIM.com. Your cost of goods includes FREE SHIPPING to your Customers.

Benefits of Being a Partner with US

This concept is designed to support brick & mortar / ON-LINE retailers to grow their business aggressively without expense of thousands of dollars in DEAD inventory, warehouse expense, logistics, shipping costs, pick & pack labor and brand marketing.

LET'S DO IT ! ! !     "Martez Malone"